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Foundation of Deep Impact AG
with 12 people

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  • 2012 Development of Spectra starts - the publishing engine with the power search
  • 2013 Booking engine for Kartause Ittingen
  • 2014 Young Investors Organization Community goes live
  • September 2015 Foundation of Medinside, the news platform for the Swiss health system Medinside Logo
  • May 2016 Foundation of Winsider AG with the purpose to create news platforms for different industries
  • July 2016 Rupert, go live of the booking platform of the fashion industry in Paris, London and New York
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April 2019 Best of Swiss Web Gold with Holcimpartner.ch

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  • May 2019 Successful application of security technology with facial recognition in a football stadium Medinside Logo
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  • August 2019 Frist apprentice for Interactive Media Design EFZ
  • November 2019 acquisition and integration of the portal Inside IT into Winsider AG Inside-IT Logo
  • December 2019 First commissioning of Sentinel in the police sector
  • February 2020 Launch of the most modern ERP in the food industry: Frutico Frutico Logo
  • September 2021 Medinside breaks the million hurdle
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  • September 2021 Portrait of AVA-X's face recognition technology in the "Rundschau" of Swiss television
  • December 2021 Launch of most modern ERP for the meat industry: Meatico
  • March 2022 First presentation of Viktor, the recognition award for outstanding personalities and achievements in the Swiss healthcare system
  • July 2022 Launch of third Winsider portal based on the publishing engine Spectra: Konsider
  • August 2022 Participation in the innovation program of the German Football Association DFB with Sentinel - access control for security staff at Borussia Dortmund
  • August 2022 70 people work for Deep Impact AG and its ventures